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  1. Install the content from the second disc again and you're good to go, one disc is install only, the other is actual game disc...

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    Dammed,I don't have DISK any more,only PirateBay can now help me ðŸ˜

  2. When I have downloaded Mod Menu from there : 

    game have just crashed and crashed and then I have deleted all DLC and Mod Menu and know I see only 1 disc and it wont load on Aurora,how to fix???

    P.S. I accidently deleted disc 2 from 00007000 content :(

  3. Fan speed should not be set in dashlaunch you should only set the temp so say 55-65c Max temp then save....so open dashlaunch, system info (left shoulder button if I remember correctly) set Max temps then left shoulder again scroll to hdd1 press x and that's it saved.

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    I'll try,thanks

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  4. if you can still access dashlaunch goto paths and set default to point to either default.xex in aurora folder or default.xex in FSD folder then right shoulder scroll to HDD1 and press X to save then B and viola whichever you chose should start up.....if however you cannot access dashlaunch you may have xexmenu installed in NXE dash under Games/Demos which would allow fsd/aurora/dashlaunch to be accessed.....need further help we'll not be far

    Can you just tell me how I can then make default fan speed,because I remember when I was once set to Aurora and then fan speed was not worked what I want what it should be?

  5. It means neither aurora nor fsd started, did you modify/remove launch.ini? Did you remove the device that it points to?

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    Well yeah probally because I was accidently pressed delete on dashlaunch for fsd so I don't know how to back that?

  6. Hi!

    When I was turned on Xbox then it was just showed xbox home and what is worst when i press xbox home button on controller then it doesent show me Freestyle home or file browser that i can at least go to Aurora dash,please guys help me what to do and how did that happended!!!

  7. Well, it's one of 3 problems:

    1. You don't have all required compatibility packs

    2. They're incorrectly installed

    3. They're corrupted

    You need to have all compatibility packs, it's not enough to have just one...

    Check in NXE if they show up as expected under memory... if not -> they're corrupted (displayed as such) or they are incorrectly installed

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    1)I have all 2 packs

    2)How to access to NXE?

  8. How can FTP cause lagg with those specs?! wtf are you running on your machine anyways?!Either way, there are threads in the forums that explain the paths, just search for TU information and you'll find it mentioned many many many times...

    Ok,i have unistalled all for cod ghosts and again downloaded and putted tu and comp packs but when I go to mp it show me this (look at pic)

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    If you can't see picture then read this it says:


    In order to play multiplayer,you need to download new required content.This content is free.You must be connected to Xbox Live in order to download this content.Would you like to sign in to Xbox Live?

    [Activation bar]:Sign in to Xbox Live

    [Activation bar]:Switch to Main Menu

  9. How can FTP cause lagg with those specs?! wtf are you running on your machine anyways?!

    Either way, there are threads in the forums that explain the paths, just search for TU information and you'll find it mentioned many many many times...

    Can you please link me some of threads,please br0

  10. Delete the ones you have using Aurora (this removes them everywhere) next, download and use 360 Content Manager and use it's FTP features, it'll then install directly where they belong for you, no need for you to worry about it... once that's done, you want to scan for new TU's in Aurora

    FTP extra laggs on my notebook(2.3 ghz SINGLE core,2gb ram and 256mb intel graphic) on UBUNTU

  11. You have 3 different TU 17, 2 with different sizes... please remove all 3 and re-install it in it's correct directory, most likely the content dir and not cache...

    Can I just move files and where thy should be moved?

  12. The post i replied to mentioned pack 2... did you tell Aurora to scan for new TU's and enable it? if not, it was probably deleted by Aurora...

    You should also read what i say and not just go all exclamation marks on me!!!

    Also, everyone say "i have the latest" or "i have everything", yet when asked for specifics, they often don't ;)




  13. You need ALL compatibility packs, not just pack 2, aurora probably deleted the tu because you didn't scan for installed tu's and enabled it in aurora before launching the game, effectively telling aurora you want no tu's enabled

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    Did hear me!It has all compatibly packs + TU #17!!!

  14. that's because the COD series of games have a little something called Compatibility Packs which are free DLC packs... you'll have to find those on google, they go into 00000002 instead of 000B0000

    It has everything!!!!Now again it shows me tu vesion 0 but everything is there,I was also checked on Aurora and then it happened tu version 0 when i was launched trough comp. pack 2 on aurora!!!

    EDIT:br0,please help me,I want to finnaly play multiplayer on my xbox,I am too close!!!!

  15. Device:\\Content\0000000000000000\<TitleID of the game>\000B0000\<tu file goes here>

    Ok,it says TU 17 but problem is i got message that I need to download content and i cant dismiss that because it reverts me back to main menu!!!

    EDIT:btw. I have all compactibility packs

  16. Some go into content, minecraft does for sure, most likely also ghosts... check the forums...

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    I was tried and WHERE TO ADD,in which folder for cod ghosts,if you want to help me tell me,I dont know where to put!!!!!

  17. This means you either put the TU in the wrong place, it got corrupted somewhere along the way or it's for a different version of the game

    I was added TU for GHOSTS and MINECRAFT on chache folder as they say peoples on youtube,is there other directory to add?

  18. I  have similar problem,I have downloaded through PC and added to Xbox and I have activated but still when I am going to system link it always says TU VERSION #0 (TU 17 is avaliable)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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