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    My console was banned because i needed LIve. I wanted to turn off my console and when i turn on my 360 comes THE ERROR E71. I removed my HDD and works well but when i put the HDD a red light and Again E71. I have a lot of games in my HDD. The HDD is for XBOX360 S. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i am banned i will receive a penalty?
  2. vurushi


    How to install XBLSE? I downloaded from here: http://www.xblse.com I installed but don't work.
  3. vurushi

    Kinect update

    Problem was solved thanks!
  4. vurushi

    Kinect update

    Xbox360 don't detect the update when i plug in the usb.
  5. vurushi

    Kinect update

    I updated my xbox kernel to 17150 but the kinect sensor don't work. When i plug in the Kinect sensor says: "A system update is required to use KIINECT. To get the update. sign in to XboX Live. For more info visit www.xbox.com/update" I have Xbox Corona 4G with FSD.
  6. 2)- I extracted disk 1 content and i copied to HDD1/content/00000000
  7. Hi! I have some problems with 2 games. 1- I downlaoded The Crew but when i launch the game says : "The crew requires game data to be installed in order to play. This will require a Xbox 360 hard drive with at least 7789MB of free space. Press any button to continue" After pressing the button my TV screen turns black, after 5 seconds the screen shows the same text. Heelp! 2- I downloaded Call OF Duty A.W. and when i launch the game it says: "The Campaign content packs not loaded" I watched a tutorial but the same result. I Extracted the pack and i copied the DISK1 content to HDD1\ Content\ 0000000000000000 but dont work. HEELP!! My XBOX 360 is Corona 4G with a 320GB hard disk!
  8. Thank you very much, you are the best.
  9. I want to update my Xbox Kernel to 17150 but i have this error! How to fix this problem?
  10. vurushi

    Game error

    I have 2.0.16203.0
  11. vurushi


    I want to update my FSD in 16747 because some games don't work.I downloaded xeBuild_GUI_2.093 and simple NAND Flasher and i watched jtag tutorials #24(link ). When i was almost there xeBuild_GUI_2.093 require CPU KEY . I downloaded XELL RELOADED but is not a XEX file only BIN, FILE and ELF32 FILES. HOW TO USE XELL RELOADED? (Sorry I don't know english good)
  12. vurushi

    Game error

    When i open Forza Horizon 2 , Watch dogs or Plants vs Zombies 2 my X360 says "Game Error The game couldn't start. Try downloading the game again" How to fix this error?
  13. HI! I downloaded Terraria 1.2 on my xbox 360 but when i launch the game do nothing . I extracted the game but only tutorial works. Terraria 1.1 works correctly but why 1.2 dont work ?
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