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  1. there isn't a tutorial really.. BUT it goes like this, take disc 1, use xboximagebrowser, extract the "content" folder to desktop.. then use iso2god to convert disc 2 to GOD, then use 360 Content manager to FTP everything to XB, and make sure to get the TU from unity.. have fun playing!!


    did you get TU1 before trying in GoD format? as that fixes the issue!!



    EDIT: MAKE SURE TO GET THE NEWEST xextool, Iso2God comes with 5.2, 360 content manager has 6.3 in it.. just copy it to iso2god.. BOTH located on this site!!!

    Edit 2: to check the version of xextool you have, hold shift and then right-mouse click, open command prompt here, then type in xextool and press enter, the options of it will show up, along with a version number..


    I used Xbox 360 ISO extract because i get error at imagebrowser !

    Should i Update My xbox 360? Because my kernel is 17150.



    **EDIT** Now the game is loading infinite time ! 

  2. You need to do these steps:

    1) extract 4 files from Disc 1 and put in internal hdd1 -> Hdd1\Content\0000000000000000\4B4E085E\00000002\

    1. 4B4E085E0F0000A1
    2. 4B4E085E0F0000A2
    3. 4B4E085E0F0000A3
    4. 4B4E085E0F0000A4

    2) extract Disc 2 into raw XeX format, I have no idea why but it seems if in GoD format, you will encountered Fatal Crash.

    I'm using Aurora 0.5b and kernel 17349.

    I do not understand, can you give me a link to a tutorial ?

  3. Hey modders ! I downloaded MGS5 TPP and i extracted the disk 1 content (4 files ) to HDD->Content->content->0000000000000 (like other games which requires downladable content) but when i open the game from disk one it says i must log in to xbox live and if i open from disk 2 it says fatal crash intercepted . HELP !

  4. Copy them to your console, like any other DLC, then you get the TitleUpdate required for them to work and install that where it normally goes... once you've done that, you start the game and play the DLC

    I copied to HDD/Content/00000000  and worked fine ! Thanks !

  5. red-ring of death will happen when your box gets hot.. (other reasons are there also)

    but running the fan at 70% will keep it cooler.. as mine stays @ 50º.. 

    and for fans.. you can get from Amazon.com, http://www.lightinthebox.com/cooling-fan-for-xbox-360-slim-black_p2701810.html, or anywhere.. you don't have to look from a specific "modding" store..

    lots of online places ship worldwide..

    So nothing will happen if i play with fan speed at 70% .

    I think the shipping fee is bigger than the cooler price, i live in europe .

    How much degrees can support a Corona? I never played over 81 degrees.

  6. the risk is the same on any fan.. the higher you have it going, the less life the fan will have, as the motor is rated only so many hours of operation.. 

    but you have 2 options.. set the temps in dashlaunch, and leave the fan on auto.. or set the fan speed and not worry about target temps..

    i personally have my silm fan running at 70%, but i have a few spare fans floating around.. and you can find slim fans for $20.. 

    while people like swizzy recommend just setting target temps.. it really is personal preference..

    In searched for Xbox Fans but i have not found in my countr !

    So if i keep my fan speed at 70% my xbox will  make something like RROD ?

  7. Hello! My xbox 360 reaches to 80 degrees celsius in less than 25 minutes and i don't want to turn off my xbox everytime when it reaches high temperatures. I tried to increase the fan speed only 30 seconds at 65% and it cooled very fast.

    Is a risk to keep the fan speed increased always or for more time (like 1 hour) ? 

    What is the maximum temperature supported for a Corona 4G ?

  8. (is very hard to explain)

    I have this problem since my 360 was modded (2 years) : When i press THE POWER button on my xbox temporarily DOES NOTHING , my TV scrren is BLACK and 360 power button is GREEN . I must wait 1 minute or sometimes 10-15 minutes until my 360 will launch that INTRO. What is the problem? Is very annoying!


    My xbox was modded by a friend.

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  9. not at all.. it is just a standard launch.ini.. as it is a TXT file.. you can read over it with notepad and see..

    nothing is set, except the liveblock and stuff

    Just insert my HDD and USB (with launch.ini) then turn on the 360 then wil disappear the E71 then i will go to FSD file manager then delete the corrupted file?

  10. I cannot format the HDD with FATXplorer, USBxtaf can't see my HDD! So you say to turn on my XBOX with my HDD with a USB with launch.ini ? I will work because my HDD has Error E71.


    How to get the launch.ini ?

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  11. Yes, similar file manager, It doesn't have the same disc copy function, but you can still go to the file manager and copy the disc contents manually to your games folder.

    Same as FSD, just take the install files and put them wherever you want (i prefer root of hdd). Then make sure you change the path in launch.ini to set Aurora as default instead of FSD.

    Sorry but my xbox was modded by a guy . I don't know how to install Aurora and FSD.

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