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  1. I installed the pack but it has still the same problem .
  2. Where i can find that compatibility pack, i extracted the ISO but i found only these folders.
  3. Hi, i wanted to CODBO3 but i get this problem, i installed the TUs. Sorry for photo quality
  4. I used Xbox 360 ISO extract because i get error at imagebrowser ! Should i Update My xbox 360? Because my kernel is 17150. **EDIT** Now the game is loading infinite time !
  5. I do not understand, can you give me a link to a tutorial ?
  6. Hey modders ! I downloaded MGS5 TPP and i extracted the disk 1 content (4 files ) to HDD->Content->content->0000000000000 (like other games which requires downladable content) but when i open the game from disk one it says i must log in to xbox live and if i open from disk 2 it says fatal crash intercepted . HELP !
  7. I copied to HDD/Content/00000000 and worked fine ! Thanks !
  8. Hey modders, i want to install some DLCs for Burnout Paradise and i want to know how to install them !
  9. vurushi

    Fan Speed

    So nothing will happen if i play with fan speed at 70% . I think the shipping fee is bigger than the cooler price, i live in europe . How much degrees can support a Corona? I never played over 81 degrees.
  10. vurushi

    Fan Speed

    In searched for Xbox Fans but i have not found in my countr ! So if i keep my fan speed at 70% my xbox will make something like RROD ?
  11. vurushi

    Fan Speed

    Hello! My xbox 360 reaches to 80 degrees celsius in less than 25 minutes and i don't want to turn off my xbox everytime when it reaches high temperatures. I tried to increase the fan speed only 30 seconds at 65% and it cooled very fast. Is a risk to keep the fan speed increased always or for more time (like 1 hour) ? What is the maximum temperature supported for a Corona 4G ?
  12. (is very hard to explain) I have this problem since my 360 was modded (2 years) : When i press THE POWER button on my xbox temporarily DOES NOTHING , my TV scrren is BLACK and 360 power button is GREEN . I must wait 1 minute or sometimes 10-15 minutes until my 360 will launch that INTRO. What is the problem? Is very annoying! My xbox was modded by a friend.
  13. I saw on other forums these words " Go in to your launch.ini and change this setting xhttp = true to xhttp = false. " But there says its only for titanfall. I think it could work for The crew and PvZ.
  14. I followed this tutorial for GTA V:
  15. I want to play Titanfall, Destiny, The crew ,PVZ but require Xbox Live. How to play them ? If GTA V works i think they will work.
  16. I love you guys! (not gay) Now works! THANK YOU !!!!
  17. Just insert my HDD and USB (with launch.ini) then turn on the 360 then wil disappear the E71 then i will go to FSD file manager then delete the corrupted file?
  18. I cannot format the HDD with FATXplorer, USBxtaf can't see my HDD! So you say to turn on my XBOX with my HDD with a USB with launch.ini ? I will work because my HDD has Error E71. How to get the launch.ini ?
  19. how to delete the file with fatxplorer? i need full version?
  20. Look! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jawb192x5pc5hr9/Problem.png?dl=0
  21. I have again E71 on my 360. My HDD is connected to my PC with SATA cables. I tried to delete the corrupt file with PARTY BUFFALO , but it says "An unhandled exception has thrown". Help please.
  22. vurushi

    No TUs found

    But first i must REPAIR my HDD again because it have again E71 then i will try again to install aurora.
  23. vurushi

    No TUs found

    Sorry but my xbox was modded by a guy . I don't know how to install Aurora and FSD.
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