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  1. Hey guys, I was thinking about creating this for about a week and finally got around to it. In a nutshell it's just a webpage I created that graphs the amount of people who signed up on JQE360.com over every hour. As well as the amount of people signed into LiNK over every hour.

    Without further adieu: http://tech-tutors.net/LiNK/

    My server started pulling the data today, so at 18:00:00 GMT-6 tomorrow it should be accurate.

    If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!

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  2. Hello, I have recently been playing on LiNK and noticed that not all the lobbies which are available through this page: http://link.jqe360.com/ are visible on my Xbox. I can see the lobbies, but it says there are zero players. When I change my Xbox's selected lobby to those lobbies from my PC or Xbox I still am unable to see anyone else. Is the page just a little buggy or am I unable to play in those lobbies?

    Thanks for all your time!


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