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  1. Hello, i'm trying to make a fsd skin and i've a probleme with the layers when i go to another screen like games... here some pictures : My main scene : And when i load the Xbox 360 games screen (see the red line) The tab from the main scene continue to appear... why? I've tried many things like clipChildren etc.
  2. SEED3733

    Few questions

    oh yeah? it has 0 views...
  3. SEED3733

    Few questions

    Nobody's answering on this forum? is it dead or what?
  4. Hello, how can we add more latest games icons? default is 4 i would like to add more. And is there any way to display the last achievements unlocked ?
  5. You have to "build" the folder skin with tool like xzptool in order to make a skin.xzp file.
  6. SEED3733

    Few questions

    Hi, i really want to make some skin myself and i want to know how a skin communicate with the default.xex like how work the button eject tray etc. How to make a skin work with ClassOveride and how can i edit that. I really want o leanr to make a skin from scratch. i've searched on the web and i can't find any tuto on skin dev, strange... Please, thanks in advance
  7. You have to edit the .xur file with XUITOOL.
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    Need Help

    Hi, i'm new at create FSD skins and i want to fully understand the XUITOOL system to make my own skin. First question: i've search for long days with the default skinnable available in this forum, but i can't find the way to create a "page" like the settings. ex: General Settings screen goes to another screen with other options etc. how the list options work when we click the A button etc. And i want to know how "data association" work and where we can find the ids for this. I've already understand the system of the skin file and begin to make some test with the timeline but it takes some time... I want to make some test myself in order to create brand new skins and i need to know the base of xuitool. I've search around the web but i 'didn't find any clues. Sorry for my bad english i'm french, i hope you'll understand me properly...
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