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  1. On 8/14/2022 at 2:40 PM, felida said:

    here.. TRY this one.. make sure to place "song.wav" in sounds folder..

    there WILL be a sounds folder, with "erase.me" just as a place holder

    edit: this is to see if the xzptool2 for mac works as intended.. 

    but for more indepth skin editing, you would need a windows PC mate


    edit 2: this is the default for the last released version 7.b2 or w.e lol..

    default.xzp 4.94 MB · 3 downloads

    Don't know if this counts as necroing as the post isn't THAT old; just wanted to say I'm brand new to this scene and I've been messing with this all morning trying to get the music to play and for whatever reason using your file worked for me. Thanks.

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