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    LINKS ARE ON OFFICIAL PAGE http://xbslink-hub.developstudios.com/ XBSLink Hub prerelease 7 + XBSLink Remote for Android ---------------- Known Issues: ---------------- ================================================================================ Overview - what it does ================================================================================ XBSlink is a system link proxy for the XBOX360 and the PlayStation 2/3 to play system link games over an internet conection made by Oliver Seuffert This modification adds new functionality on XBSlink implementing XlinkKai protocol to engine. The first goal was make compatible Xlinkkai options on Freestyle (Xbox360) with XBSlink. If this protocol rocks on two engines, why not create new clients to other plataforms to control it? The objetive it's develop remote control to control XBSlink more comfortably. Useful when the console it's far away pc. ================================================================================ Installation ================================================================================ - Download Official XBSlink - Download the last XBSlink Hub version - Download 'XBSlink Remote for Android' - Install Official XBSlink and copy overwriting (or another directory) Hub version. - Same instructions like XBSlink (open router port, configuration, etc...) - Run XBSlink Hub + Configure it. - Run XBSlink for Android Connect. It's done. ================================================================================ To Do ================================================================================ - Friendlist - Voice Chats - Users info ================================================================================ Known Bugs ===================================================================================== Sure there are. ================================================================================> ChangeLog ===================================================================================== Hub prerelease7 - XBSlink Remote Android 1.0 - Automatic Translation on Chat - UI Modifications - Changes on Protocol for adapt - Bugs solved Hub prerelease6 - Fixed Mono compatibility Hub prerelease5 - Private Messages (PM) Double click on user in chat window - Bugs Hub prerelease4 - Microsoft Framework 4 - Updating channel refresh - Updating user refresh Hub prerelease3 - Send/Receive Chat - Cloud join/leave - Channel Users Hub prerelease2 - Xlinkkai Sniffing - First test sending udp Hub prerelease1 - Initial release
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