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  4. First time poster here, I've been pretty good at figuring everything else out but i gotta say im stumped. So when im trying to update aurora it will download the binaries and skins just fine. i have "???" next to my plugin. i download the updates for "plugin" and after it installs where it shows the phoenix logo and i click exit i get a fatal crash intercepted notification. not sure if im completely overlooking something. thanks
  5. What? Are we talking system settings, like wifi, or settings in aurora. For Aurora, you can copy the DB from your current Aurora install, and open it on a pc using sqlitebrowser, and blank out the password field. Just make sure to keep a backup of it, once before you make changes. Also, you can not copy the db files if they are being used, so I would launch into xex menu, and copy them that way. As for the System settings lock, there is a reset code, you can get all of it, minus the last 4 buttons, but those you can dump from the nand image, as they are stored in the SMC Config.
  6. Thanks for your reply but it didn't work. My psx roms are on USB0:\Roms\PlayStation. Maybe i did something wrong but i added to the ini file IsoFolder = USB:\Roms \PlayStation
  7. reinstall aurora I believe is the only work around
  8. Last week
  9. yes, that feature was already implemented you can change it on pcsx.ini it will load the last path of the game you choose previously, but i think with the addition of aurora support that feature went missing, im gonna have a look and test it out, but you can try to add it manually by adding to the config file IsoFolder = game:\psxroms
  10. Also, pushing title updates from xboxunity.net still seems to work.
  11. Also having this problem, none of the unity marketplace title updates show up.
  12. Thnx for this great psx emulator. Is it possible to change the default rom path so everytime when you start the emulator it shows the rom path you want?
  13. Hello Start my ol' JTAG 360 today since a long times (3 years maybe) Thing is, I have put a code to access the setting, and I have forgot it. How can I unlock it please?
  14. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l3fkvy-Mv437rHBxVyuStt39EWKXd6Yy i'm using the new update ver. The netflix loading logo will change. The loading screen will change. The name "netflix" will disapear and will stay just the "N" and the loading under it
  15. yes, but you cant leave it held down, it moves one line only, so release thumb down, do it again....over a thousand time on certain disks. a select all function would be better
  16. the download button is greyed out.... I guess I'll have to install from scratch - or maybe I'll wait for the next version and upgrade from that. ps: if I decide to update manually, how do I do that? (I need a refresher, it's been a while)
  17. The same problem I have 😕 And There is no comment from the server owner.
  18. there is a download button in the "about" section.. you can also download the newer version, and just do a "fresh install"
  19. Is there an Aurora update script or something? When I go to about Aurora, I don't see any option to update from 0.7b to 0.7b1.
  20. Good morning, I am experimenting the same issue, when i go to select a game tittle > tittle updates, Aurora dont dysplay any of the TU that previously where available on that section. Please advice, Thank you in advance
  21. No.. Do not press the triggers.. You hold X.. Then press down.. You start from the top of the list.. And it will scroll and select all it highlights
  22. Have you scanned for title update in the paths where they are stores?
  23. You can do that by scripting or put those files on a pc into one directory or something like that.
  24. You can also pull the trigger and it will scroll a page but it will only select one file each page scroll whilst holding down select, the way suggest is the way I have been doing it, which is fine but when you have over a thousand files on the root of the disc not in a folder it takes ages
  25. My Aurora don’t show Title update I tried it on all my games it doesn’t show title update help.
  26. I thought I had already replied but apparently not. I dumped the nand, but then realized I dont have the xebuild files for dash 7357. I spent a couple days looking but havent found anything yet. Do you know where I can find the files? I will continue my search either way. Thanks!
  27. http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/#/news Top right button that says "donate"
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