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  3. I recently picked up a 2tb drive to upgrade my RGH Corona currently sporting a 1tb internally. I hooked up both drives to my macbook and currently extracting everything from my 1tb to the new 2tb drive via party buffalo. Once this is done, I plan on upgrade Aurora too the lastest (might as well right?) After everthing is copied I'm sure I'll have to go in and tweak things back to the way they were - however I might try editing my hd ID as per another post I saw elsewhere on here to preserve my previous settings.
  5. Just tryna play TU6 AI zombies if anyone’s down
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  7. user: Methanoid email:methanoid@gmail.com Need an activation email 😞 Thanks
  8. I found the tool, thank you😄
  9. Last week
  10. Place the roms in the roms folder.. When you scan for the emulators.. You need to set the emulator for script data. Then you press left on title updates iirc, and it should show rom browser, press a and the roms will show up.. Select yours and the rom will load
  11. You can change the coverflow to be a giant squareish type with all the games in a table top view.. Can you currently have the subviews seperated by categories? no
  12. Could you please elaborate? There are both limitations with the current Aurora setup and 'not wanting to' implement dynamic layouts?
  13. Hi guys! So I 'accidentally' enabled downloads in the background in the system network settings, but I didn't realise it in time, which caused my OnBoardMU to fill up to the brim with things I cannot detect nor delete. This caused Aurora to glitch out quite badly as it had no space left for work. When i realised this caused the problem, I've disabled it, but it is too late I guess. I've made a clean Aurora install on the internal HDD which has plenty of space to spare, but it fails to pull description and title name information. It got cover updates/TUs no problem, but does not rename nor write any description information. Before this tweaking I had my games as following: But decided to move the games as everyone tells it to: I've checked everything I can and I'm not entirely sure what might have I done to not be able for the data pulling. As for the OnBoardMU being full, I only detect roughly 300 MB of data on the 3GB chip and have only 200 MB free space left now that I've deleted Aurora off of it. I appreciate any help in both matters. Edit: I've somehow managed to get the pulling to work with one or more of the following conditions: I've disabled autolive and livestrong in DL I've un-ticked everything in the asset download menu and clicked download Cleared the cache As for the internalMU being full, I don't know if it's normal behaviour, but I'd prefer to install my Aurora there, but until I have some more space there I'll not be able.
  14. In the search box in the forum...Or in Google
  15. Thank you I will used Aurora but I finally was able to add my savedgames using Horizon you must change the profile and after add to hdd your savegames. But if you want to supply one link so I can follow the tutorial How to add savedgames using Aurora, it will be so kind from you.
  16. Hi everyone. I have read twice this thread but cant find HOW to do the romlaunching stuff from the aurora dash itself. Anybody has a tuto, or could elaborate? Thx ahmgain for your work everyone!
  17. No, I mean use aurora to move the save from one hdd to a usb drive, copy the files off the usb drive, and then use aurora to attach it to a different user/same user on a different xbox. Simple as that, it is a built in feature, as of 0.7b. I mean you could use horizon, but you will not get much support for that here, as we have integrated much of what you are asking for in this post in Aurora. If you want a video tutorial on using horizon, I would suggest checking youtube.
  18. Do you mean adding profile I'm using when I play the games to the savegames with horizon . Lets do an example I have the savegame of gtav5 and i Want be able to load this game. Do you have a video tutorial on how to do it using horizon
  19. Aurora has this option built in as of 0.7b, but you can always copy the save data manually, if needed. It should be stored in the content folder, with all of the other "Xbox" data. Problem is without knowing which game, it makes it harder, and saves are linked to profiles, so you need to change the profile it is linked to. Aurora will copy them to flashdrives and stuff, so you could probably do that.
  20. I'm sure you get all top dollar for using adfly as a link sharing method, but perhaps only for me, it is impossible to reach the mega.nz link because of it asking for permissions I'll not grant. May you include a link without questionable websites trying to give bloatware, or that's too much to ask for? For your sake, I've clicked on the link at least 20 times trying to download it.
  21. Wasnt laughing at you trying or your results.. But ok
  22. I didn't say it would. I was just trying it, but I was doing it wrong at first but it still didn't work when I did it correctly. I don't see what's wrong with trying? I never once said this would work and don't understand laughing for someone simply trying something when someone gave a viable option that it possibly could have worked. Do you not ever try anything in life?
  23. Hi Gamers, I am newbies in the xbox world, I need to follow a video tutorial on how to add savegames to my xbox 360 console , It was very kind of you if you can give some links so I can follow it.
  24. Looks like it.. For that one game.. Some lf the more popular titles run on xb1.. But most wont ever due to licenses and stuff..
  25. Okay ill have a look. Thank you
  26. You have erased your nand. Flash it again with your nand Image backup.
  27. You need (xui tool)...Look for this tool here in the forum you will find everything about him
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