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  3. Its the enclosure.. Lol.. You can even check the database .. The uuid is coming up as the same.. It isnt a bug.. As its the way it works.. Plus it's a hardware issue as the enclosure is registering as the same..
  4. And me further add. It even lets me pick the folder, its only when you goto save does it say, "The path you are trying to add already exists. Please try again with a new path." So weird. Well the new enclosure will be here on Thursday, so that is the last thing to try. Wish me luck.
  5. Well, that sux. A new HDD, completely different brand, and the same thing is happening with the mapping. Does anyone know a way to reach out to the developers and see if its possibly a bug? I am going to try the last thing I can and buy yet another enclosure and see what happens with that.
  6. Yesterday
  7. hi felida , thanks for replying. Roger that i used dashlaunch configurator and remapped to Aurora.xex , just tested it and now it boots like a champ. thanks for the knowledge and help , crisis averted
  8. Yeah, you just rename it back to aurora and remap it.. Dashlaunch goes off a launch.ini file.. Nothing is written to nand unless you place the launch.ini in the nand.. Even then, It's goes USB first, then hdd, then nand iirc.. As you can always place a standard launch.ini on USB and boot up.. You dont have to reflash nand to change it..
  9. hi swizzy darkglider and other members , i just did my 5th Jasper 360 and i made an error due to being such a long time since my last RGH 1.2. OK simply see pic below , i should have named it Aurora.xex but instead it is default.xex. If i rename the Aurora.xex on my 360's External Hard Drive to default.xex it boots fine. I was wondering if there is a better fix as in re-flashing the NAND ?. If i'm correct i can just edit the dashlaunch tab to Aurora.xex then save it , click on create XeBuildImage and then Write NAND ?
  10. Last week
  11. Fake anim is an app, that gets launched by dashlaunch before the default dashboard. you can run it from aurora, so I wouldnt call it a dashlaunch plugin. "Plugins" are just DLL files with no executable entry point. Dashlaunch, or the app the plugin is for handles that.
  12. I was watching modded warfare's tutorial video and tried playing online, after that I downloaded a mod and the mod plugin in dashlaunch prevented the guide menu from showing, the problem is fixed now tho
  13. Then use a different converter program.. as it is an issue with the video.. And ofc it would be a modded console.. there is no dashlaunch for devkits.. which fakeanim is a plugin for..
  14. yes the default work .. i have a rgh 360 console , only the video which i want dont show up it stay blank
  15. I mean the default fake anim.. Not the default xbox one..
  16. There has been discussion before.. Hence why I remembered it lol.. But yeah mate
  17. i deleted the default one from the system and the anim i want i did convert it with YTD VIDEO to the format wmv9 but i didnt show up it reboot directly to xbox dash , i think there is something wrong on the format or the size of the video , its about 19 second
  18. Sorry, when I was talking about the Ethernet, I was referring to the Original Xbox I also just finished modding. Sorry if that blended together. I loaded them from the PC on the externals, as you said. The weird part about this whole thing is how the File manager sees them as two separate drives, and lists them as USB0 and USB1. To me, that would mean that they can differentiate between the two drives. The only issue is when Mapping comes into play. But the new HDD will be here Tuesday, and about a day or so to load everything, but I will let you guys know, so at least this is documented in case anyone else ever runs into this. It'll be my luck that's its not the drives, but the enclosures causing the issue as they are both the same type of enclosures as well 😜 We shall see.
  19. The ethernet runs at 11MB/s lol.. Yes it would be great to get full 100M.. But you can easily use USB 3.0 on pc for your externals.. Lol, plus I said you could check if it was the same problem.. But if both externals are showing up as same port then yeah.. Its reading as same drive lol Also some enclosures can cause the same uuid problem lol.. Unfortunately there is no workaround for this lolol
  20. Alright, Im going to test your theory. I filed a return on Amazon, and ordered a Western Digital HDD to replace it. Now I wished I wouldn't have removed all the mappings of the first one in troubleshooting 😜 oh well, Its not to bad adding everything back. Once I get this going, I'll reload everything, and then I'll have my 6TB x360 and I just finished getting my original Xbox setup with a 2tb sata drive and im copying everything over to that now as well. Just wish the Ethernet was faster on the original Xbox 😜 lol first world problems.
  21. Sorry, didn't see the edit, they are indeed the same brand. Nothing ever said anything against doing that, so I didn't know. Dang it. I guess time to see if I have time in my return window and return this one and get another.
  22. Just for more info, adding to the front, doesn't matter. Under the mapping, it still shows both drives as USB0.
  23. Like I said.. If they are the exact same brand and such, they will register as identical hdds.. Which could be causing the issue.. I totally forgot about that lol.. The id's being identical.. Edit: the uuids iirc.. It isnt an issue on PC as they will read as separate hdds.. But on aurora.. It will see them as the same hdd in 2 places and cause issues lol Edit 2: and easier way to identify this; plug the hdds in separately.. Meaning try 1, then unplug and plug in the other.. It will act normally and such that way..
  24. i have not tried one in the front and one in the back. The are self powered. Trinity Slim RGH. Its just so weird that the Aurora File Manager sees both drives as USB0 and USB1. Its only an error when it comes to mapping. Like mapping refuses to see the USB1 paths. IDK. Thanks for responding, hopefully some more people will chime in.
  25. Have you tried using one at the back port and one at the front port?? Are they using an external power source or using the xbox as the power?? Are you using a phat or slim?? Now while I cant exactly help or give info to this problem.. Someone who can might ask those questions anyway.. Edit: are they 2 different hdd brands?? As the same brand might log as identical even tho they are different.. This is more than likely the cause as well lol.. I spaced on that..
  26. Have you tried using one at the back port and one at the front port?? Are they using an external power source or using the xbox as the power?? Are you using a phat or slim?? Now while I cant exactly help or give info to this problem.. Someone who can might ask those questions anyway..
  27. OK guys, I am having an issue with Aurora 0.7b. I have an internal 2TB drive, as well as 2x2TB external USB drives. Everything was fine with one internal and one external. Now with both externals, when I look in the file manager, it clearly shows USB0 and USB1 devices. Thats all fine. However, when I go to map folders from the 2nd USB drive, I run into the issue saying that this folder has already been mapped. Weird I know. So I started troubleshooting. Eventually I changed the folders on the second USB drive by adding 1 to the end. This is where I found the issue. So adding 1 to the end, allows me to map the drive, it comes up in the search, everything, however, none of them will work. If you Press Y, then goto the goto folder option, it wigs out. Also, looking in the managed paths, it never adds USB1 to the directory, only USB0, which is why it wouldn't let me add the folders on the new drive. Can anyone tell me why this is happening, and how to fix this? Im at a loss, and can't figure out whats wrong. Its just weird that half the application treats the 2nd USB drive correctly and lists it, but the mappings only show 1 USB drive. But what was really weird is that it let me list all the games on the 2nd drive and showed them in color as being connected. This has me stumped. I really love using Aurora, but I'm not sure whats going on.
  28. User: kavra email: kavra.kavra@gmail.com Need activation email, tahnks
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