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  3. Thanks, I'll try the "Original Falcon" parameters and then report back. Thanks to felida for the final answer. Thanks to all. EDIT: You know what, ianboy1987? I'll try your personal settings; those parameters are what most people recommend. Thanks go to the same people though.
  4. Yes.. Turning off the fan speed override will set it to auto
  5. I'll reach you via private message.
  6. I would check all caps first look for any leaking or bloted ones. Im not sure if a new power supple would fix the problem. Test that one to check when powered on.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I opened up the XBOX to identify it (definitely a 1.6 - Xcalibur video chip) and it is absolutely filthy inside. I was hoping that a good dusting with my Xpower electric duster would maybe help because to be honest the power supply didn't look in any way to be in bad shape other than extraordinarily dusty. The modchip is a Smart-XX. Once I dusted everything thoroughly and reassembled, I noticed that it now responds to the power button. Basically as long as I hold down the power button, the fan spins and I hear something gently clicking inside and the LED on the modchip lights up but the system stops doing this when I let go of the power button. The front eject button LED flickers occasionally as well. It seems to do a little better when the AV cable is plugged in, it flickers green and even temporarily stays on while the disk drive loads up but then dies. I don't even necessarily need to hold it for it to keep trying. Any idea what this is about? So what you're saying is that it would be smart to buy a power supply from another 1.6? What am I looking for to see if it's damaged?
  9. I'm sorry, but how do you set fan speed to auto? By turning off the checkbox?
  10. All following off topic postings will be deleted !
  11. "You have to much time on your hands" Says the person that make it a point to write a long, thought out reply. The irony.... I didn't brick my 360, if you were able to comprehend what was being written, you would have known that. "My point isitching abo stop but thisuis gide. No one forcing you to follow it" what does this sentence even mean? If i were you, i would spend more time, learning how to actually spell. You look like a moron, attempting to scold another person with bad grammar and spelling.
  12. Yeah the older plugin was stopped.. Hence the update to new 1
  13. Felida thanks for time and care. Actually i was still playing last week over FSD. Strange... I just figured out the problem. I even tried with Aurora and didn't work, The things was that Aurora needs to be updated to at least version 7 and i had 5 i think. So PROBLEM solved and thanks again
  14. Setting the fan override negates the target temps.. Fan speed should be on auto.. And ofc the air coming out will be warm.. That's how the hot air escapes.. The fans will speed up to cool it more when set to auto..
  15. Fsd hasnt been working for a while.. As there is no jqe site.. Lol.. But try deleting syslink.dat from Aurora.. Might fix part of the issue
  16. Best way would be to open it look at the mobo and check here.
  17. Well, the target temps are the same, but I put CPU Fan Speed to full blast (i.e. 100%) because of a guy from a Youtube how-to video told me to (no, I'm not hearing voices). Other than that, the target temps are around 60C. Thanks! EDIT: Your settings are friendly with Phat Falcon models, are they?
  18. This can be done by Dashlaunch. Enter it and press the RB button (If my memory fails me) to enter advanced options some video games do not accept the 'Target Temperatures'. If so, enable constant Cooler acceleration to about 70%. Save and leave. Then observe if it is working. Normally. Xbox Works with temperatures around 60º to 65º of CPU. Put other ass in sequence with 4º unless. Example CPU 65 GPU 61... as Target Temperature Target if it is a warm country. Just don't let that go and it will work satisfactorily.
  19. I tried both now and none is working, but yeah i prefer FSD more and it was working till recently without any problem.
  20. I just bought a new RGHed XBOX360 from a friend and when I touched the back of the XBOX360, it was hot. Then someone told me that I need to set the temperatures of certain parts in the XBOX 360 (i.e. CPU, GPU, and RAM) and fan movement (i.e. CPU Fan Override) as well. My new XBOX 360 is a Phat Falcon model and that's all I know. I know how to get to Dashlaunch by reading up, but I don't know what values would suit my XBOX 360 from burning up. Please help or direct me to a link where I can read about this, most specifically a Phat Falcon XBOX360. Thank you.
  21. I basically have been around since the inception of modifying the Xbox original. This was during the time my kids were in middle school and I wanted to do something that would be radically fun. Hence, I developed a new hobby that I loved! I’ve seen many changes take place with the development of exploits, hardware, software/home brew all the way down to chassis and shell modification. It has been and IS a fun and exciting adventure. Everyone here at RMS along with the teams at Phoenix, team FSD, XeBuild, and the list goes on with amazing individuals whom have contributed to the scene. I have to give a shout out for a job well done!! Your development and support that you’ve given the community goes beyond measure while it’s frame you’ve built enables it to stand AND expand. Thank you for your sometimes thankless and taken for granted sacrifices. You are not only the architect but also the glue which holds this amazing society together. You’re amazing! A debt of gratitude is owed to many but here is a start to begin that list: cory1492 TeamFSD, Chrishockey55 Developer, JPizzle “That Fuckin Guy”, JQE Hackin the Box, Kebob RMS Freshman, MaesterRowen Phoenix, Mattie Phoenix, BioHazard RMS Freshman, Blackwolf “What a jerk”, Dr.Gonzo RMS Senior, felida RMS PHD, gavin_darkglider RMS, MastersTraJiK Gypsy By Blood May the scene never die! Regards, wantin2mod
  22. Last week
  23. How do I find out what xbox version it was without turning it on? Is there something I can look for? Because if replacing the psu is a plug and play job, I think that's probably the easiest and best way to proceed as well. For the chip I'd have to power on the system to read the info on the start page. Unless there's a way to read the name of the chip inside by opening the console.
  24. What xecuter chip is it do you know? the xecuter x3 go for a fair amount on ebay. Do you know what xbox version it was as probz be best to buy same version and replace the faulty psu. fill free to pm me if you need anythink.
  25. Ok, I need time to take all this in. It's been a looong time since I thought about original XBOX modding at all. eeprom, locking unlocking the hdd, etc are things I don't remember. What I have right now is my 13 year old unit that doesn't seem to power up anymore as of two nights ago. I need to first figure out what are my options for repairing that and whether that's something I can do by buying something (internal power logic board or something) that can be replaced internally without soldering. Because I'm certain it's probably just a loose or damaged power jack thing. Then if physical damage can't be fixed, then I'd be willing to look into buying a new console cheap and soft or hard modding it. Also, there is a perfectly fine working Xecuter chip already in my console I could probably reuse. in another one.
  26. Softmods still need there hdd locking. Nulling your eeprom just changes the key to 32 0s. You can lock/unlock your hdd using atapwd.exe i bleave. I mainly build my hdd on a tsop/chipped xbox and lock then put into stock xbox. If you have a pc with a ide port you can use xhdm like dr.gonzo said.
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