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JungleFlasher v0.1.94 Beta (320)

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JungleFlasher 0.1.94(320) 
Support for new Key verification process
Vendor command support for DG-16D5S Drives 
-xecuter X360USB Pro ***f/w update required***
-xecuter X360USB Pro 2 ***f/w update required***
Extra functions to utilise RGH extracts with LTU using T-X DG-16D5S replacement PCB
Support for LT Plus 3.0
-Hitachi 78, 79
Support for LTU 1.2, using T-X replacement PCB
-liteon DG-16D5S  1175, 1352
-liteon DG-16D4S  0225, 0401, 1071 - lost f/w replacement, replaced with a T-X DG-16D5S replacement
-hitachi DL10N 0500, 0502 - replaced with a DG5S
Bug fix to SlimKey for bytes at 3f005, 3f006
IO port enumeration for Win 8 using old school PCI bus scan
-Using new portIO drive from schtrom with 32bit memory access


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The site isn't available anymore... probably stopped paying the bills...

If memory serves me right, the tutorial is included tho...

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