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cannot glitch and cannot go back to retail

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Hi folks.

I must be doing something badly wrong. This is the second console that suffered the same faith.
I read the nand from a trinity, 2 copies identical. No issues
Selected Glitch2 in J-Runner and created the ECC. No issues
Wrote the ECC. No issues.
Tried to boot into XELL, not a chance! the glitcher just keep on flashing. Single light at regular intervals. The chip I am using is ACE V5.
Tried another chip of the same type, thinking it is a chip problem. But still no glitch
Checked the soldering. Resoldered some points, especially the very small ones and I can safely say the soldering is 100%. All the wires are used came with the chip.
So i thought I will be going back to retail. Selected the nanddump1.bin and clicked on write nand. On booting I get a red light.
I am stuck between not booting into retail or XELL. What am I doing wrong?

many thanks in advance

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Well for starters, you would need to take off the power to the chip to boot retail.. one would think...


And the v5 has 2 methods of install.. have you tried both?? And you could always get the v3 and srgh the console

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Yes, i first made sure of the obvious so the chip 3v3 cable was disconnected. Regarding the V5 methods of installing i could only find the one on the ACE web site with C1, C2 pads. I was not aware there is another method. I will do another search.

When writing the stock nand (or ECC I suppose), does it matter what version of the dashboard I select? Is there anything other than selecting the nand dump bin file and clicking on write nand button I need to do? One thing I remember getting when i first took and dump of the nand is getting a message in jrunner to the effect of the smc.bin, kv.bin need overwriting.


many thanks

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