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Red Dead Redemption - Aurora Trainer Xbox 360 (TU9 - Non GOTY)

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Trainer for the original game Red Dead Redemption (Not GOTY!), Title ID 5454082B, Media ID 2AAB34E2 and with title update 9 (TU#9), for the console Xbox 360 with Aurora  dashboard (RGH Jtag), created by me with the engine XYZ... enjoy !!!

Trainer +10

+ Inf. Red Eye
+ Inf. Money
+ Inf. Items
+ Inf. Ammunition
+ Inf. Resistance Mount
+ 100k chips to the Poker Pot (Always Win)
+ 1k BlackJack chips
+ Maximum Life
+ Mod Jump
+ Maximum Streak

Note: 100k chips to the poker pot, at the start of the poker game you must bet everything and you will always win, if you get to lose in one hand you need to go out with B button and try again. A thousand Black Jack chips by exceeding 1500 chips you can not play any more in that hand. Maximum life is not same to infinite life. Maximum streak is for Multiplayer mode.


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5 hours ago, PBRenewer said:

how do i activate it?


via aurora

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42 minutes ago, PBRenewer said:

i mean do you need any button combination to activate it like other trainers??


if you can set the options before you boot the game, then no..

some games require the trainer to be launched in-game, and activated.

you should have a pop-up when you boot the trainer that tells it has loaded, and what buttons to press to bring up the trainer menu.. and you obviously asking what that combo is, tells me that you have not even booted a trainer before.. as ALL aurora trainers have this pop-up

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16 hours ago, PBRenewer said:

uhhhhh Aurora saids that no trainers found (I copied it into the game ID folder) is this ok?

No, you place it in aurora/user/trainer 

If on aurora .6+

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