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RGH Connectivity issue

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Good afternoon to everyone,
given that I am new to RGH mod, I note a curious issue with my new RGH: when I connect the console to my laptop, connection is normally accepted and I can open webUI or filezilla to manage FSD3 assets or transfer content (I already have disabled password request), but after a few minutes (4 or 5) webUI or filezilla can no more acces to the console, like if the ethernet card is going into some kind of sleep mode.
FSD3 reports an IP address, so the console and the PC are communicating (at least console sees physical connection, otherwise IP address would disappear), but from the laptop is no more possible to access: Even filezilla transfers stop, so for example if I'm transferring files the upload/download is interrupted, with filezilla no more able to reach Xbox 360.
If I simply reboot FSD3 nothing changes, but I noticed that if I start a manual content scan and then i reboot FSD3 then often (but not always) connection is established again, but after 4-5 minutes is again lost.
If I reboot the console (i.e. switch off and then switch on) the connection works normally for 4-5 minutes, than again it stops.
It really gives me the impression that, after a set time, the ethernet card go into sleep mode even if there is activity on it....
Has anyone experienced such a kind of issue before? Is there maybe an option I didn't configure correctly?
Thanks in advance for any answer.

PS: I have 2 HDD cloned, on one there is F3 783, on the other F3 775, and the troubles appears whatever HDD I use. Even the skin used seems not to affect the performance (I tried RT 2.1, Dream Theme 2.5 and default skin, the result stays the same).

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