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Dashboard update errors

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 I am currently trying to update my dash. On xeBuild when i Generate a hacked image, I should get an "udpflash.bin" at my specified output destination, so i can proceed on with the following steps. But i dont get a udpflash.bin for some reason, someone please dm me asap.
discord - hazzykoala#1258
snapchat - hazzykoala

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On the output tab i get this 

 Swizzy's xeBuild GUI version 2.098
 Log Started: Wednesday 30/10/2019 21:59:10

 *** Some console information ***
CB Version: 9188
Serial number: 366525103205
Console region: PAL/Europe (0x02FE)
DVDKey: 7A832DC9E692767F41C0F66DF33E5480
Console ID: 085EE3F210
MFR-Date: 05-08-10
OSIG String: PLDS    DG-16D4S        0225
FCRT.bin Required: True

Using xell-reloaded for Glitch hack
ERROR: Copying of xell-reloaded FAILED
Including dashlaunch... FAILED!
Including custom dashlaunch settings (launch.ini)... Done!
Copying nand to data directory, this may take a while... FAILED!
Checking if SMC is Glitch or Retail...
Dumping current SMC... Done!
Checking SMC...
SMC is Glitch patched! it will be used the way it is...
ERROR: There was one or more fatal errors: 2 errors during the build process
Cleaning data and temporary directories... Done!

       ****** The app has now finished! ******


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