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Download unreleased xbox game Free Fall 3050 AD

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A suggested vid of youtuber Modern Vintage Gamer was displayed in the column of a vid i was watching early this morning. It's a previously unreleased xbox game (modern mentions it will work on the 360) which has now been completed . It's a vertical scroller shooting game. You free fall while shooting at enemies as well as avoiding traps . For more detailed info the youtube link is provided . What's it like ? i have no idea i haven't tried it yet .

copy pasted from modern's video description

"I helped finish and release a 15 year old original Xbox game - FreeFall 3050AD. Original released by Total Arkade Software and Tony Takoushi for the Nuon in 2000. The unreleased Xbox port was developed in 2004 but cancelled due to the imminent release of the Xbox 360. In this video, I dusted off the debug kit and helped finish the game and release it for all fans of the original Xbox to enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esl6ctg_9JA"


Download by torrent or direct

Link to downloads in gray column on the right as torrent or a zip









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Pilot wings and something else.. Lol.. But game's original creator gave permission to release out.. Just works on modded consoles

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