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Help identifying weird Xenon motherboard

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Hi again.

I came over an Xbox 360 from 2006, complete in original box.

But when I opened it I got confused by the motherboard.

At first I thought it was another Opus, but it did not match.

The motherboard is an Xenon motherboard, no doubt,, But, with glued Canada CPU and glued GPU as an Zephyr/Falcon.

It has the Zephyr GPU extended heatsink and the older copperpipe CPU heatsink, but no extra Dram coolerpads.

But there is no "Serviced 20xx-xx-xx" label on top of the original "MF date, Serial Number" label on the back.

It is the original 2006 label.

Is it just so simple that is an very very early repaired console who got a new Canada CPU and GPU with the Zephyr/Falcon style glued edges?

My RGH'd Halo 3 Edition Zephyr has an "Serviced 2010-xx-xx" label on the back over the original MF date 2007 label.

I did not think about taking pictures of it when I had it apart, cleaned it up and made an RGH 1.2 of it, but it is the same style as the picture I uploaded on the Canada CPU.

I don't believe it's any "Mysterious Prototype MB" or anything like that 🙂

I just never seen any of my Xenon's with this kind of Xenon MB, glued GPU and Canada CPU mixture, except the ones I have with an Opus MB which just is an Falcon without HDMI, so I wonder if anyone here has seen it during their years with Xbox 360?


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