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Moving from FSD3 to Aurora

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Hello there! So, after owning a 360 for a while -with FSD3 as the dashboard-. I am thinking of moving to the latest Aurora available atm (0.7b.1) and connect to the internet. As far as I've read, the version available over the site is a clean install one. But how can I apply it? As I'm afraid of simply copying the new files then deleting the FSD3 ones (Had applied that in a different context tho, which was updating from FSD2 to 3, the result was basically not working haha.), I do also recall removing access to Xbox live through Dashlaunch. But I ain't that sure, so would I need anything than the mentioned stuff? (Dashlaunch and the Aurora files)

As for the internet connectivity and Xbox Unity, would I need to apply any port-related stuff in the router?

Thanks in advance!

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