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Unable to get title informations

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Hi guys!

So I 'accidentally' enabled downloads in the background in the system network settings, but I didn't realise it in time, which caused my OnBoardMU to fill up to the brim with things I cannot detect nor delete. This caused Aurora to glitch out quite badly as it had no space left for work. When i realised this caused the problem, I've disabled it, but it is too late I guess. I've made a clean Aurora install on the internal HDD which has plenty of space to spare, but it fails to pull description and title name information. It got cover updates/TUs no problem, but does not rename nor write any description information. Before this tweaking I had my games as following:


Hdd:\Content\00...0\Games\genre folder\game folder

But decided to move the games as everyone tells it to:


Hdd:\Content\00...0\TitleID\00..something..0\GOD launch file and data folder

I've checked everything I can and I'm not entirely sure what might have I done to not be able for the data pulling. As for the OnBoardMU being full, I only detect roughly 300 MB of data on the 3GB chip and have only 200 MB free space left now that I've deleted Aurora off of it. I appreciate any help in both matters.



I've somehow managed to get the pulling to work with one or more of the following conditions:

  • I've disabled autolive and livestrong in DL
  • I've un-ticked everything in the asset download menu and clicked download
  • Cleared the cache

As for the internalMU being full, I don't know if it's normal behaviour, but I'd prefer to install my Aurora there, but until I have some more space there I'll not be able.

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