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Upgrading to a larger HDD

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I know this has been asked in a recent thread, but the steps really aren't clear to me and I was hoping to get some guidance:

I have an internal HDD on my RGH Slim, and while I've been running content from an external drive, life would be easier if I could just have everything on an internal drive. What's the best way to install a larger drive? I'm thinking:

1. FTP all files and folder on the internal drive to my PC. ( I don't have a transfer cable and honestly, don't care if t takes awhile, I only have around 30-40 GB on the existing drive)
2. Install new 2.5" SATA HDD (assume I have to format it through NXE dashboard).
3. FTP the backed up files and folders to the new drive? I'd need to install XEXMenu at the very least so that Filezilla would see the new drive, right?

I guess my main concerns are whether everything I'd need for the new drive (avatars, etc) will copy over if I FTP, and what do I need to put on the new drive in order for Filzilla to see it once it's installed in the 360?

Anything better or easier to do this?

Appreciate the help.


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Simply copy everything to external, then install new hdd.. Format via nxe, then run compat fixer for og xb games.. Then copy everything from external to internal.. You WILL need to redo the avatar/kinect update again.. 

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