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Xbox 360 New Unprogrammed CPU (all fuse lines are 0s except fuse 00)

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A 4-5 months ago I posted a thread (now it has been archived https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/new-xbox-cpu-with-0-efuses-all-fuses.1736634/) on how to setup a unprogrammed Xbox 360 (phat) as a dev unit, Im redoing the same but to make it as retail with 0 LDV, in other words you can run a blade dash / NXE retail and possibly run Jtag hack on it! Long story short, I was shocked when I found ebay listing for old dashboard consoles being sold 300$+ and decided to buy the CPU for 20$ and try it myself.
Now Im trying to boot a retail dashboard for this new CPU but with no avail, I can however, run devkit image through RGH2 . I assume this has to do with LDV and CFLDV .
Note that my CB LDV looks like FuseSet 02: 00000000F
Even though the recovery disk is dated in NOV 2008, it setup my cpu with CB LDV 8, now I believe Im stuck.
Here is the steps I followed,
1- RGH 1.2 or RGH2 install
2- Run a devkit image (use Xecuter's Fusion 1.09)
3- Insert XenonRecoveryDisk once the dashboard is booted ( it wont launch otherwise and kernel panic)
4- You can now set the console as devkit or as a retail (press Y for retail)
5- The console now will reboot
6- If you are using a slim console then you are fine, if you are running it on FAT, the console now is bricked (black screen) .
7-Creat ECC for RGH2 and write it
8-you will be greeted with Xell with all with a new CPU key ( CPU fuse line isnt 0 now)
9- ???????
This is where Im stuck, I do have all information but cant run any retail dashboard.
please share your thoughts.
Many thanks!
at step 4, if you go for a dev option, Fuse02 will be intact and reports all 0s. and you can run any remote recovery or recovery disk and install the latest leaked ver. of XDK. You can also remove all wires for both glitcher and nand reader.
I have one last unprogrammed CPU at hand if someone have a clue on how to modify recovery disk to burn certain fuseline. I also dont know if you can J-tag a Devunit to run retails on it. 

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Ok, found the issue, during Key_Blow() HV collects information from bootloaders, since Im running fusions 1.09 (base dash 13xxx) my Fuse02 got burned @ 8 now of course its useless unless you RGH-2 (1.2) 

Is it possible to edit the values of HV through Memory debugger? 

Damn this is much harder than I thought. 

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I dont know exactly how it blows the fuses, but wouldnt it be easier to modify xell to burn the fuses for you? It can read them, it shouldnt be too hard to get it to burn them. For obvious reasons this wasnt included in xell(People accidently blowing all of their fuses.....), but I would think that would be the easiest way to get a retail/jtag console.

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