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COBRA ODE - Compatible with *ALL* PS3 including Super Slim.

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Cobra ODE, shipping February 2013!

The Cobra Team are famous for their Cobra USB device which brought tons of unique features to the PS3 scene! Now we're proud to announce the imminent release of our Cobra ODE device, which again will be at the forefront of cutting edge innovation for PS3 users.


* Play all PS3 games

* Play PS2/PS1 games on backwards compatible consoles

* Solderless installation on all FAT consoles and 20xx/21xx SLIM consoles

* Easy and fast installation for 25xx series SLIM, 3000 series SLIM and 4000 series SUPER SLIM consoles

* Supports all current OFW and CFW's

* OSD selection of ISO's

* UI commander included

* Easy selection of Emulation and pass through modes

* Flexible and powerful embedded OS

* High speed ARM and onboard FPGA's are updatable via inbuilt updater mechanism

* Movie ISO's supported

* Additional hardware interface included to support future hardware addons, giving user maximum flexibility

*** Designed by the team who brought so many firsts to the scene!

*** 3000 series SLIM and 4000 series SUPER SLIM hardware supported from launch

* Manufactured at a high tech facility = superb quality

Models supported:

One hardware revision supports all. Our hardware has been designed to both fit inside and interface with the Super Slim version of the consoles, as well as the SLIM and older FAT systems. If you upgrade at any time from a FAT to a SLIM or a Super SLIM, then there's no need to buy a new device....

Support for the newer consoles such as 25xx, 3xxx and 4xxx to run ISO's will be included at release.

Game Ripping:

Functionality will be added shortly after release of the device via a firmware update. Ripping speed will be almost as fast as that reached by connecting drive to PC and users will benefit from the convenience of a hassle free game ripping experience! Rip games directly on PS3 to an external USB HDD in ISO format.

Additionally we will provide a PC app at time of release of the product to market which allows conversion of JB game dumps to ISO format, so users can simply download games from the net and convert them with our app. The app will patch additional data required to create necessary ISO format.

Cobra ODE

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