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XBOX 360 S temp (MEM) are very too high

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So I've got my RGH xbox 360S running with the fans at 100%.

Processor: 50-51ºC

Graphics: 47-48ºC

Memory: 82-84ºC ???????!!!!!!!!!

Chasis: 33-34ºC

Xbox - Dust FREE

After switching on(10-15 min) my xbox turns off. What could be the reasons? Solutions?




Moved from Phonix/Request and Suggestions Forum, coz ist here better in place.



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  If the ambient temperature  of your region is low. These temperatures are too high for a cooler to 100% 
 if I can open it, clean the heatsink (can be clogged with dust and it also cools the memories) or for maintenance.

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