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Problems uploading TU's/Why is the Unity website so broken?

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I'm so frustrated with the Unity website. Been trying to use it for several years now. Have tried to submit multiple Title Updates for games which are under the 250MB limit. The ones I have uploaded usually have a different MediaID that is not currently listed on the site. Sometimes it will accept the TU. But then it never appears on the site. Most of the time I get an error message and it won't accept it. Current error message I get right now is ERROR: Internal Server Error. I would really like to contribute and upload more Title Updates to the database. But it never works and there is no way to contact anyone to figure out what is going on and fix the problem. I really wish we had something better that actually works. I also hate the file size limit on Title Updates. This should be a place to save and backup all Title Updates so they don't get lost forever.

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