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Title Updates Not Downloading and LiNK Not Working

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Hi I have two questions.

First, if I push Title Updates from Unity to any of my RGH's it won't download to my console and if I go to the Title Updates section in any of my games it doesn't show any fro me to download.

Second on my Trinity RGH I can connect to LiNK but with my Zephyr it will connect to rooms but I can't see anyone. I am using separate Unity profiles but I also noticed that my zephyr won't connect to my trinity or my retail consoles even when I plug a cable from one to the other. I tried unloading Nova and trying with it unloaded but still the same results.

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1 Livestrong must be enabled in dashlaunch. Disable

2 leave the Zephyr dashlaunch settings
equal to those of Trinity

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