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Technical details about dashlaunch required

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Hi, I am new to xbox360  and have trouble understanding how things work and fit together.

I saw a lot of online guides about how to install and configure dashlaunch. But, what IS it anyway?? how does it fit in the Xbox boot sequence??  does installation necessarily modifies the NAND or is it already a part of any modded NAND and "dashlaunch app" is just an interface to configure it?? is it part of the modded kernel or just a homebrew app that is loaded during boot??

Please, excuse my English and and bear with my noobs questions!!

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It's a tool to patch the kernel with some additional features and it also adds support for launching an alternative dashboard

It depends on the builder you use and the settings you use, most builders have a default of including Dashlaunch during build, however they also allow you to disable that

If your NAND came with Dashlaunch pre-installed the installer is nothing more then a config tool, otherwise it's a installer and config tool

Dashlaunch is sort of a homebrew app that the kernel loads if possible, but it's not part of the kernel per-say

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