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Unable to start Aurora after checkung for TUs

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Hi guys,

i'll explain first what i did:

1. Updated Aurora from 0.6 to 0.7 today.
2. Copied an TU (Minecrraft #65) to xbox and applied it (Renamed the old one) - Everything worked
3. Copied a newer #66 one and started the game before choosing to apply it. (Also renamed the other ones first, but it started #65) - Game was working.
4. Started to check for updates in Aurora again, but now i always get the message upon starting Aurora - An error occurred.
 - Already all the TUs - still the same error -

I'm only able to "Restart Aurora" - "Start Metro" and "Try to continue".

#1 is kinda a loop - i'll always get the same error Message - No code or anything
#2 Is the orignal Dashboard
#3 Will stuck at "checking for updates" - Xbox is still responsive

Is there anything i can delete or replace from the Aurora directory (Xbox neighbourhood is still working) or do i need to completey reinstall it?


Thx in advance



Got arround it by renaming the Database Files - but lost all configs.
Getting the same error after choosing check for updates (After adding the Minecraft update).



It has nothing to do with the update.
It only happens after switching the language to german and then "Scan for TUs'".

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