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Problem with Jasper RGH1.2 Install, Matrix Glitcher rapid blinking

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I have a Jasper RGH1.2 installation that the debug LED on the matrix glitcher chip is kind of doing wired pattern, so it could be bad soldering I guess?
Have double checked the soldering points and connection, changed the glitch chip, changed timing files, relocated the wires, wrote ECC image 2nd time,  and it seems to always have the same pattern even with different timing files.
Not long/short, it just keeps blinking, I'd say it's brighter and darker pattern, not long/short pattern.
Also it gives similar pattern if wired to use the on board crystal.
If I don't connect the video cable while powering the console on, it will have RROD 0002 (network interface problem), is this normal? (No problem before doing the RGH).
With the CLK point FT2R2, there's no debug led blinking on the chip,
so I changed it to the point near C4N27, then it gives me the pattern in the video above. The debug led keeps blinking rapidly with a brighter/darker pattern, 
not like a normal glitch long/short pattern. 
Tested the point near C4N27 to the point near HANA chip, 0 ohm resist so I guess it's good.
VCC on the chip gives 3.3V.
Tested GND on the chip to the av port shows 0.
I've no idea what's wrong with it. Any suggestion?

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For starters, your wire lengths at the ends are waaaay too long

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yes the wiring is the problem, it could be either too long or the wire positioning. 

I trimmed the wire and cleaned the positioning and now it glitches fine. 

Also I found a topic here that has a similar problem:

Getting a rapidly blinking Green Light on Coolrunner


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