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How to get MultiMAN and Showtime working on DEX

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* multiMAN ver 04.05.00 DEX (20120827).pkg

- Stereo Player (DEX)

- Web Browser + FTP (DEX)

- Showtime for multiMAN (DEX)

! There is no need to install/uninstall previous versions of multiMAN - this is a DEX BASE package

* Added support for PSVita Remote Play: PS Vita: MPEG-4 (852x480) (Reset TV Overscan in Settings to "None")

* Stereo Player can play SBS/TB movies in DivX/XviD movies in .avi3d format on DEX

* Standalone browser + FTP work on DEX and returns properly to mM

* mM restart function works

* Showtime for multiMAN works on DEX (can't return to multiMAN yet)

* Showtime Standalone (in TV/Video) column works from XMB on DEX

* RetroArch cores/emulators work fine

* Separate online update for DEX multiMAN version is now supported

* Default game backup folder on DEX 03.60-04.20 is changed to:

-----> /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/GAMES

! For better folder access permissions: Use 3.55CFW to create folders under /dev_hdd0


Showtime ver 03.99.041 (Standalone).pkg

- This is the official CEX/CFW version

- You have to install it on DEX PS3 BEFORE starting multiMAN for the first time


What to do:

1) Install [showtime ver 03.99.041 (Standalone).pkg]

2) Install [multiMAN ver 04.05.00 DEX (20120827).pkg]


3) Start multiMAN from XMB so it can update your Showtime to DEX compatible version

4) You can now use mM's Showtime or the standalone Showtime from XMB (TV/Video) on DEX FW


multiMAN ver 04.05.00 DEX (20120827).rar

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