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How to play multi disc games of Wolfenstein The New Order

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I have just downloaded Wolfenstein The New Order game and it comes with 4 different isos. How to play the game on my XBOX?


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2 hours ago, charisma777 said:

But, I thought this forum allows RGH XBOX , Aurora, and Freestyle.

and where does ANY of that say piracy? 

Aurora/FSD are HOMEBREW, not apart of piracy

Modded console, NOT apart of piracy.. RULED so by the supreme court in sony V. GeoHotz


you asking about/proving you downloaded a game, is 100% piracy.. enough said!!


WE only help with LEGIT games and homebrew that doesn't violate DRM/copyright laws.. IF you had the legit game, you would know what disc does what.. FYI!!

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