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Minecraft Achivements World

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In my map, i decided to make a secure location. An achievement facility under a mountain in my map, only 1 way in, 1 way out. I don't care for them but some do and I was bored Posted Image

The facility has all 20 minecraft achievements and is achievement 21 ready (Kill a Skeleton from 50m),

Using this facility will get you all 20 achievements in 5 minutes

(if wolf breeding is still not allowed you'll need to go out and find wolves)

So this is what I made...

You have to travel by rail to get here, the track is just over 500m long

Posted Image

Entrance to the Secure Location for Achievements, the stone door will automatically open when you approach it via minecart.

Posted Image

Achievements 1 to 15. Some you should have, each sign and chest is straight forward, what you need and what to do.

Posted Image

Achievements 15-20

Activate the Nether, when pigs fly, kill a monster, kill a cow to harvest leather, tame 5 wolves.

Posted Image

When Pigs Fly Achievement. Force it into the hole, the pig will die, but you'll live and there is ladders to climb back out.

Posted Image

Got lucky with this one, the spot I picked to build this secure location, I found a mob spawner nearby. Its now part of the Secure Location.

Posted Image

The mob spawner (Zombie)

Posted Image

Here is my spawn area.

Posted Image

You're welcome to send me a message on XBOX Live to join my game, get what achievements you need and have a look around. I have made some great stuff.

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