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Xbox 360 Slim Corona w/ 4Gb Memory DVD Drive 'drunk'

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Just to be short because yeah...


I have 4 Xbox 360 at the moment;

X360 Jasper (works fine except drive get stuck and wont come out, an blank CD inside will fix that)
X360 Slim Trinity RGH(works perfectly fine)
X360 Slim Corona V1/V3/V5 (works fine)
X360 Slim Corona V2/V4 RGH(which have "drunk" DVD Drive)

Why drunk? Because it act weird... when it comes about reading disc...
It can read DVD fine, CD also fine BUT X360 Games is like "maybe I'm in good mood or not" and no, the Game works fine on every other console except this one!
I also realized that sometimes it just randomly work and then suddenly don't... then I clear the cache over and over, maybe restart the console also and then it sudden did or not
People suggest me to adjust any magic screw inside the drive but wait a minute... DVDs also DoubleLayer works fine but when it is an X360 Game, then only randomly...

This doesn's sound like a error with the DVD Drive, more like a bug or else... and YES, this error was there BEFORE I made the RGH, this was also the Reason why I RGH this console ^^



So yeah, if anyone have some suggestion/fixxes, I'd like to appreciate them and hopefully, this console will work properly and yes, I do own them BUT they aren't used by me ^^

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