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[RELEASE] Warriors Orochi 2 TU1 (Media ID: 4454AE3B)

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Game: Warriors Orochi 2
TitleID: 4B4F07E3
MediaID: 4454AE3B
BaseVersion: 00000002
Version: TU1 (Or whatever is latest)

Unfortunately, Xbox Unity only has the TU for Media ID 3D32F1BD. My copy of the game has 4454AE3B as its Media ID. I'm hoping someone can somehow make a download for this Media ID's TU to fix the dreadful slowdown.

EDIT: Okay, since probably no one has this title update, seeing as the game isn't exactly played often, I've scrounged the depths of the internet and have found a TU file for it through archive.org! 


In case it somehow goes offline even on Archive.org and someone wants the download, I've also reuploaded it myself. Here ya go guys: https://www.4shared.com/file/e3_PEhNrei/TU_15KU1V3_000000C000000.html

I WOULD add it to XboxUnity, but I honestly have no idea how to add a TU for a new media ID.

Anyways, with this title update, you can fix the awful slowdown for the PAL version of the game with Media ID 4454AE3B!

Edited by HCSKG
Found what I was looking for & Relabeled as release

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