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Gallery Small Coverflow

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I edited the Gallery coverflow and made it to something I liked. The focus I had with this, was to keep it mostly the same. Just make it smaller and more to the bottom. I disliked how most of the coverflows took up so much screen space. Which covers up any beautiful backgrounds you have on display. Now you can view your backgrounds better while you select a game to play.

I've included two versions. The cover on display in the middle moves normally like it did on the original Gallery. The other one does a little spin on the cover in the middle.

NS = No Spin

YS = Yes Spin


Made a small update because Aurora 0.7b has larger status bar on the bottom. Which was cutting off the bottom of the covers. So I just shifted everything up slightly to stop them from getting cut off. Going to leave both versions here. Use the first release for Aurora 0.6b and the second release for Aurora 0.7b.

Gallery Small by AmyGrrl.rar

Gallery Small by AmyGrrl v2.rar




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Made an update to this coverflow layout so it works better with Aurora 0.7b. Everything was just shifted up slightly to stop the covers from being cut off along the bottom. Enjoy!

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