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Xbox 360 Black screen

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Hey guys,

So my xbox 360 E jtagged is giving me issues of booting up(black screen).

I have a really unique problem

Sometimes it boots up properly and works fine for 1-2 weeks.

Then automatically if i boot it after 1-2 weeks it does not boot up at all
(note: one day it worked just fine i switched off my xbox and after 2 hrs i tried to turn it back on but same problem(black screen)

I have tried with different tv monitors.

Can you suggest me a way to fix it 

btw my dashboard version is 17489

Note:  I Also checked my plugins and i actually have no plugin installed(i checked via dashlaunch).

plz help

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Sounds like the glitch timings are off a bit, fixing this depends on the chip and the wiring. An easy way to test this therory, is to see if it boots xell. For some reason Xell seems to boot more reliably than freeboot. So, if it doesnt boot freeboot, but boots xell, you either have to wait longer, or adjust wire lengths/timing.

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Thanks for your reply

but i can't checkbit now because my in xbox nowadays is not in that "black screen".

it was not boots ng up for  about 2 months but suddenly yesterday it turned on.

it has happened a lot before but i don't know when this proboem will occur again.

i also deleted files which i foubded useless for example there was a folder which had incomplete files of freestyle dash. i also have another folder in which freestyle has all files. i deketed the first one.

then i checked my FSD plugin in freestyle settings and it was loaded.

should i unload it?

p.s : sorry for the long replie but i tried to explain everything

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Thanks for telling
I also shared this problem with a xbox repairer and he said same thing that a chip replacement will do the trick.
Next time ehrn it will show this problem i will give it for repairing.
anyway thanks


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