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aurora resets xbox

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Hi im new here, sorry to start asking questions. but i hope someone can help me with this

Im on aurora 0.6b r1238 and i have a lot of trainers from this wonderful site, now those same trainers used to work on this same 360 when i was  on aurora 0.5 and had no problems

i had to replace the HDD and had a lot of trouble making that hdd boot to fsd or aurora, i grabbed a hold of my .ini backup and now i can boot to aurora, everything works fine when booting games. but here is where i have problems.

I have aurora as main dashboard.

-If i select a trainer , configure it and launch the trainer (aurora trainer) the xbox reboots  and start at aurora

.-If i launch FSD (trough aurora file manager)  and launch a trainer either Aurora trainer or the ones that have a launcher, it doesn't reboot the Xbox but it sends me back to aurora.

.-So in order for me to use a trainer, i have to Star xbox, boot to Aurora, Launch FSD (trough Aurora file manager) Launch Aurora (trough FSD file manager) and then its a 50% chance that i can launch a trainer and then the games starts.

here is my .ini in case it is needed for you guys to help me 


Default = Hdd:\aurora\Aurora.xex
BUT_B = Hdd:\Freestyle\default.xex
BUT_X = Hdd:\Content
BUT_Y = Hdd:\Freestyle2.0\default.xex
Start =
Back  =
LBump =
Guide =
Power =
plugin1 =
plugin2 =
plugin3 =
plugin4 =
plugin5 =
nxemini = True
pingpatch = True
contpatch = False
fatalfreeze = False
fatalreboot = True
safereboot = False
regionspoof = False
region = 0x7FFF
dvdexitdash = False
xblaexitdash = False
nosysexit = False
nohud = False
noupdater = False
debugout = False
exchandler = True
dumpfile =
bootdelay = 0x2A
liveblock = True
livestrong = False
remotenxe = False
hddalive = False
hddtimer = 210
signnotice = false

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fatalreboot = True


something is crashing the game, or the trainer is bad.. but this is why your xbox resets.. because of that option..

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