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Jtag games list help

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Hi guys. I am about to pull my hair out. I bought a Jtag xbox so am a complete noob.

I was having problems getting cover art to work so I decided to start again from scratch.

Re-formatted my external Hdd and decided to start with just one game, but I can now see all the old games in F3

even though I only have one game on Hdd, it doesnt even automatically see the one game unless I do a manual scan

How do I clear the old games list.

Thanks guys

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I have tried that monkeynuts. But when I restart f3 again they are all back in the games list. The games are not actually there, just the name, the box and the odd cover art (thats another problem). If I go into file manager it just shows one game on the hdd, so I just need to know how to clear the old games list from f3

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Thanks JPizzle,

Do you mean, settings, general settings, clear data.? I tried that and its still showing deleted games in games lists.

That is correct

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