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NAND Flash now Q2 Flashing Red :-/

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Hi Guys,

Wonder if you can help, whilst being a noob on here I have flashed etc wii's previously so understand a little about the process. But have become unstuck atm.

I have a Xenon 360 jtag'd last year. I followed this post http://www.realmodsc...e-your-jtagrgh/ into getting it as upto date as I could.

At stage 1 & 2 I got a CPU key and a VIRTUAL CPU KEY in the XeBuild I put the CPU key details in and continued with the instructions.

After flashing the new NAND back I cannot get the xbox to boot and get a Q2 red flashing light. I can however boot into xell-reloaded.

I still have the original NAND that was "working" is there any way I can restore this back?

I run a linux sytem at home so if I need to boot into the xbox using TFTP at all then I am ok at it.

Any help will be most appriciated as I am a little unsure as to where I went wrong.


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put the copy of the working nand in the root of a fat32 formatted usb drive and name it updflash.bin, plug it into the console and boot into XeLL Reloaded

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