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[Skin] Holmite Gears of War 0.6b

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First off i'll give credit to some people. 

Muppo & x1024 - for a lot of the work on this skin as I used Muppo's 'Blue Mountains Neo' skin as the base for this one. Their skins can be found here: 

Blue Mountains Neo


Swizzy & Felida - for every time I had a question or wanted some help they were always willing to read and respond to anything I asked (even stupid questions).

Team Phoenix - for all their hard work coding & testing Aurora and then releasing it to the public free of charge..without them none of this could be possible. Thanks Team Phoenix!

                                                                                                        Holmite (2).png

Unique Features of my skin..

Splash Screen - I have made an animation for the splash screen for all those people myself included who have lots of games to load at start up and don't want to stare at a static image, I got the idea when watching the anime show 'psycho pass' and tried to replicate the animation as best I could. Colours are a little messed up in the video due to my camera but you get the idea. There is an audio track to go with the animation but I didn't record it when making the video as my son was trying to sleep at the time. Note: If you unpack the .xzp there is an image 'info.png' which you can edit to have your name appear in the animation..it currently reads 'Default User' for sake of ease.



Synopsis Screen - I wanted to have something different from all the other skins so I made all my own textures with photoshop & gimp and this is what I ended up with.


Other Pages..

Main Screen - Self explainitory, I kept Blue Mountains Neo's quick view here because it just looks so awesome all I did was change some textures and some font. The animation on the main screen I got from someone else but it was back in 0.5b and I can't remember where it was from sorry, It does look great though.





Settings Screen - Again this is from Blue Mountains Neo I edited the transitions, added my own background, textures, music etc.



That about does it, hope you like my skin.


Holmite Gears of War Edition.xzp


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