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Unable to join a hosted room from another Xbox360 on LiNK in same house

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This isn't a big deal right now but I thought I should report it. I have 4 Xbox360s 1 JTAG and 3 RGH consoles. My kids and I sometimes want to play with other people and all together and we noticed on any game if 1 of us is hosting we cant even see the game on other consoles in the house. Others can see and join but not if we try from the same house. We all log into LiNK and join the same Room and can see our name is in the room together but the game wont let us see each other. We can join someone elses room and play together but I wasn't sure if anyone else had this problem or now.

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i already submit this problem a few days ago .....

if you have more than one xbox in your lan , you won't be able to join a game unless the host is Outside your lan .... that's because your router see your xbox in local and don't send packets to jqe ...> so it's impossible for your xbox to join the same host if the host in in your lan .

one solution is to desactivate fsd plugin ( FSD settings , plugin settings , FSD and then unload plugin ) for all your xbox ; then you can play using xbslink or xlink kai

the other solution is to create a static route in your routeur to be sure that all packets from xbox go to jqe instead off staying in your lan ...

Sorry for my poor english , i hope you understand ...

Best regards

Jéjé le tech

PS : have a look here please : http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/684-two-xbox-on-the-same-lan-cant-play-together-in-link/

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All 3 of my Xbox360s can join other hosts at the same time on either the same game or different games through LiNK. Just cant see a 360 in my home that is Hosting on LiNK to others in my home trying to join through LiNK. I was thinking packets and same network with all 360s was the issue though.

That's why I said it isn't a big deal. Thank you though

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