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Moiz Ahmed

"The game couldnt start. Try downloading the game again" xexmenu after patchxex

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Hi this is my first post here. I have a Jtag-ed xbox 360 slim and i have been running games from xex menu with no problem for the past 3 years. I did all the updates that came, and fifa 17 and all other games were running just fine till yesterday, when solely out of curiousity i did PATCHXEX on a single folder of fifa 16 in xex menu after which none of the default.xex files of the many games i have, are working. They all the "The game couldnt start, try downloading the game again" I suspected that my xexmenu was corrupted due to the patchxex so i uninstalled and then installed xexmenu 1.2 again but i'm still getting the same error. Please help.

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That feature patched the XEX's for use with a very old version of the hack... you need to re-rip the games (atleast replace any/all xex's for each game)

You also don't have a "Jtag-ed xbox 360 slim", you have a "RGH-ed xbox 360 slim"

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