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Windows 10 update? External hardrive wont show up

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Hi guys, I used a PC with windows 10 and i have an external harddrive that i use to play games from. I had no problems putting things onto the harddrive on my computer and then using them on the xbox. I haven't used it for a few months. Today went to transfer somethings onto the harddrive, and it wont show up. I plugged it into the xbox and everything is working fine. USB ports on the PC are fine and the drive shows up in disk management on the PC but doesnt give me any options. Anybody any idea whats happened or how I can fix it?

many thanks

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I do recall something like this showing up in the forums not too long ago, sadly i can't remember what the solution was :/

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Would that answer be remove all traces of usb drives by using USBOblivion you should be able to do it manually as well by un-hiding un-used devices in device manager


another option is a bootable partition manager & manually assign a drive letter


uninstall usb controller & restart computer

last & final resort is a stick of gelignite,it may not fix it but sure as hell will make you feel better

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