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Dashlauch 3.17 Adjust Minimum Idle Fan Speed

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i'm trying to lower the noise of my rgh fat jasper box (aurora 0.5b) with the dashlaunch 3.17 fan control.

I'm using the target temp settings, but while in idle the fanspeed always stays around 45%, even when the temps are way below the set targets (targets CPU 80, GPU 70, RAM 70 -> measurements: 52, 59, 62, Mobo 31)

This 45% fanspeed even is sufficient for a lot of 3d games, but is quite loud and unnecessary when idle or on dashboard.

The target temp feature itself is working, since setting very low targets starts the helicopter accordingly, when the temps are above the targets.

Is there a minimum fanspeed setting somewhere, that can be lowered without deactivating the target temps feature?

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Short story, no. The system handles that, and a minimum of 45% sounds about right to me. also never set target temps so high. While the chips can handle those temperatures, the cooler it runs, the better..... Console will last longer that way. If the problem is noise, try replacing the fans, as they shouldnt be that loud, at that speed. 

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