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xbox 360 stuttering again + gamer profile might be the problem

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hi guys

now let's cut to the chase

a while ago i had a cutscene stutter in any game

posted a topic a bout it swizzy told me to do some things including change my HDD as a last resort

but i can't buy a new one right now so did what he told me to 

blow the dust from the fan and stuff and it worked no more stuttering cutscenes 

but 3 days ago i downloaded minecraft story mode first time worked fine but second time it began to stutter

and so is devil may cry i have the HD collection finished first 2  fine when i started playing the third it began to stutter in cutscenes 

im attaching a video from the stuttering in minecraft it's just the title screen but it's affecting the game too


im talking alot but i need to know the bottom of this



ok last thing all this stuttering began a while after i modified my gamer profile so i can put avatar items in

as you can see from the photo after modifying it the XboxLive word showed up there

i added a 1000 or more avatar items it slowed up the console and crashed a couple of times so deleted them

but my GP still modified and the console still laggy and the game stuttery 



and as you  can see from the other photo the console TEMP is okay


so the stupid question i always ask what can i do to fix it 

BTW im using aurora and FSD blugin for system link which i don't use it at all

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I would start with the obvious, and see if creating a new profile fixes the problem. keep the old one, as you dont want to loose your stats. if it still stutters, your problem is somewhere else.

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