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Squall Bonilla

How i can connect my pc with my xbox360 rgh with aurora

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good night i want to know how i can connect mi pc with mi xbox 360 with aurora for to se mi files in my console i know with fsd i can with samba but with aurora i dont know how so if someone could give me a tutorial  thanks

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No, you can't as far as I'm concerned. Aurora cannot view PC files as Aurora doesn't have any SMB share settings, All you can do right now is to play games using ConnectX on your PC but you can play music, videos and pictures through the Dashboard. If you want to play media of a PC it is quite simple,


Make sure you have LiveBlock enabled in Dashlaunch and then go to Network settings, connect to you Wi-Fi and then choose connect to PC (make sure PC is on same network and is running) play any media you want from Movies and TV, Music and Photo Viewer on you console from your PC. The content must be on the Library Folders such as Videos, Music and Photos.

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