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Replacing HDD in Xbox classic without softmoding etc

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I got recently an old xbox cheaply but it's HDD is almost dead, it doesn't even start from time to time and I can hear by noise that sht is wrong inside the disk so I need to replace it and I've got some old PC ATA disks and the question is how to replace it without softmoding? I don't want to mod the console since I have another one and I'll sell this one. Or is it just easier to softmod, replace HDD and ther reverse the soft mod?

My first thought was to make 'bit-by-bit' copy of the xbox HDD to the new one but couldn't find any software which would work with xbox HDD :( all were giving errors when I was trying to start copying.

This is kinda off topic but... can I change the region from PAL to NTSC while softmoding the console (to force all the games to run at 60Hz cuz like I tested before on my x360 even games without pal60 support can be forced to run at 60Hz ;) )

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First off don't damage or delete any partitions or data especially on C until you've recovered the eeprom

Cloning can be done from the xbox using the appropriate tools

Cloning from a pc usually gets the partitions wrong i think the data doesn't transfer,however i can't remember what did get transferred when i attempted it.So if you want to try you must use sector by sector clone.Can't remember if drive must be the same size or whether the clone program allows resizing to larger drive

Your best bet is the link below as it's an active site for the old girl


You'll most probably find a soft mod would be better than leaving it stock,tho i prefer hard mods for reliability.Doing so gives more options & you can install coinOPS (it's free & has 3000 + games & it'll give it an extra selling point).You'll need to mod it if you can't recover the files on C

If you make a post over at iso provide a link here,i have quite a bit of software for soft & hardmodding you may need if you can't find any & i have coinOPS if you want it


edit: largest hdd once modded that you can fit is 2tb (either 2.5" or 3),you can use the new 1.3 xbox partitioner to avoid the issues of the old versions

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sector by sector and bit by bit method is exactly the same and it would be exact copy so even with 100GB hdd it would work as if was 10GB but I didn't manage to find any software capable of copying the xbox's hdd so I'll wait for this game needed for softmod arrive s(forget the title... already ordered one) and then I'll prepare the new hdd under softmodded console :) Chip mod in not really an option no more cuz first of all u wont find a chip itself and secondly modding would cost much more than the console itself ;) dunno how much they cost abroad but in Europe u can get a working xbox for 10-15€ and the original controller for 9-10€, though I bought 2 for 10€ xD

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backup eeprom first (either using a reader/adapter or, easier) softmod, dump using whatever dash, most are capable of making a backup. FTP the eeprom to your PC.
Config-Magic is capable of unlocking your harddrive !!! this is the reason why your attempts failed. the harddrive is locked and needs to be locked for the xbox to function.
You unlock the drive and you could read it with a PC

BUT... a softmodded xbox wont start a unlocked hdd, it will crash with a error. Either Hotswap or lock it with the lock password (its in the eeprom) thats why you backup the eeprom ;)

So backup eeprom, ftp to your pc. search hotswap method to get all your files on a new drive. Try using XBHDM, I like 1.9.
it requires you eeprom inside the disk, then burn it (also you could include the newest dashboard.)
transver all files to a newly made hdd using this tool will automaticly format the new drive. and locks it using your older harddrive pass.
swap the drives back if they are locked and done. (there must be enough tutorials on youtube on this topic)

SOftmodding these days is save, no more clockloop problems if you choose the right one. selling a oldy is like getting 10, 20 bucks (euro, dollar, doesnt matter) when you mod it, it might be higher ONLY if you include some special things. Selling the cleanest, most games and controllers seem to help.

IF you opened her, remove the clock capasitor (google that) its 1 capasitor and is ALREADY killing many xboxes. No joke, remove it.

My writing is bad, sorry, if any reader is going to attempt this, go look at multiple tutorials on "swap hdd xbox classic".. ive learned alott from just watching and reading many tutorials. I can now do it myself everywhere and also on the xbox emulator (xqemu)

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