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[Important] What this forum is for

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This forum is for requesting and posting Title Update for Xbox 360 Games

Here's a template for you to fill in when requesting a TU:

Topic title should be something like: "[REQ] <Game> TU#"

Game: <--- Put game name here
TitleID: <--- Put TitleID here
MediaID: <--- Put MediaID here
BaseVersion: <--- Put Baseversion here
Version: <--- Put TU Version here
An example:

Topic: [REQ] Minecraft TU 35 (TU # 41)


Game: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

TitleID: 584111F7

MediaID: 7CD33B56

BaseVersion: 00000001

Version: TU35 (TU # 41)

The above template can also be used for posting TU's, the title would then be something like: "[Release] <Game> TU#"

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