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Request/Suggestion: Savestate

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I wanna to request something which is often seen from emulators: Savestates.

Reason: Who don't know that moment, you play something like Splinter Cell Conviction, there is a fight or something else and sometimes, you are tired about trying and failing the last part of a level before you can save.

Happens oftenly in Alien Isolation or Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) because... THE FUCKING GAME CRASHES SOMEWHERE AND I DUNNO HAVE A LOG ABOUT IT!...

Ok... srsly... that's not so nice... but as mentioned before, there are many games where you can not safe there, where you want or make more than one safe... without any large sentences, it's possible because the RAM of the 360 is only 512mb big so in worst case, dumping the full RAM if needed, will take 50sec which is acceptable if you think about how many new ways you'll get or profit from this function.

I know that making savestate don't always work like I think, that there are probably smarter and faster ways but anyway, I would like to suggest this function which would be cool :)

Hope we can discuss about it.

Have a nice Day


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Sorry, but we can't really do this, emulators are different as they have everything in their own memory space, they simply save that and voila...

With 360 games, you have to save the entire ram memory, then reload that, either replacing the kernel etc. etc. or remapping every pointer to match... not something that's worth doing... sorry...

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