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Selling My RGH Xbox 360 Slim $300 OBO

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I am selling my Xbox 360 Slim getting rid of it because when I go online and click My Games it gives me a Status Code: 80004005 or something like that I tried updating the dadhboard again but does not work. Asking $300 OBO

Comes With

- Console (With Blue LED)

- A Controller

- HDD (Will be formatted before shipping)

- Power Cable/Brick

- Video/Audio Cable

- XEXMenu (The latest version)

- Dashlaunch

- Freestyle Dash

The only problem with it is the My Games Status Code it maybe the stealth im using i dont know but it has the latest dashboard on it doesnt have any games

If you are interested in buying it contact me on Skype

My Skype Name: anonymousgamer01234


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What's the size of the HDD? that'll be valueable information... and what version of FSD/Kernel/Dashlaunch

Also, might be worth setting it up with official stuff and not the patched shit that your stealth service gave you (i'm assuming you updated early when they released their patches, which often just get checked quickly and may often result in alot of issues)

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